Passage 24 – Red Hills

April 13-14, 2017

This 2-day backpacking work event was phase 2 of 2 to install 6 new wilderness signs and 4 new posts on the Red Hills passage. The 2-man crew hiked 8.5 miles from the City Creek trailhead to the previously cached signs, hardware and tools. This gear was then moved 2.5 miles north to Brush Spring. After installing a new post, sign and an AZT marker, a new 20′ long trail was cleared between the new sign and the spring. The new sign is located just north of where the trail crosses a drainage at databook waypoint 24-077.
The remaining gear was then moved another 2.5 miles to the north terminus of the Brush Trail where it intersects the Bull Spring Trail. Another new post with 2 signs and an AZT marker were installed. We sure were glad we carried the 27 lb. slide hammer to this location. Very rocky soil there! All that remained was the 7.0 mile hike to the Doll Baby trailhead. Not a bad days work!

While digging the hole for the second post, we met a young lady from Costa Rica solo-hiking from Mexico to Utah. It is very satisfying to meet people on the trail from other countries enjoying the Arizona Trail!

Special thanks to previous steward for passage 23, Joe Longbotham for his tireless support and dedication to the Arizona Trail, especially in the Mazatzal Wilderness!

Roger Smith