Passage 27 – Blue Ridge

June 10-11, 2017

This work event involved a part of the trail that descends a hill above Blue Ridge Campground that had a lot of erosion due to rain runoff over the years. The group was able to stay in a loop of the Moqui Group Campground. Twenty volunteers worked on Saturday building drains to channel water off the side of the trail, de-berming to improve drainage and removing some of the larger rocks on the trail. By the time work was finished, all of the projects were finished and even more were done that were not preplanned. Saturday night we enjoyed a potluck dinner that had way too much food, followed by an evening of fellowship under the stars.

On Sunday morning, Shawn fixed everyone a pancake breakfast before the day’s work began. Then part of the group worked on the trail near the horse bypass south of the Blue Ridge Campground removing several large rocks from the trail and clearing New Mexican Locust that was beginning to encroach on the tread. The rest of the group went to a section of the trail south of FR751 to clear a deadfall and work on removing large rocks from the trail. By the time the weekend was over, far more work was accomplished than was preplanned, and everyone left with a feeling of accomplishment.

Many thanks to Shawn, Tracy, Melvin, Marlene, Roger, John M., David B., Rudy, Paul, William, Terry, Mike G., Mike H., Bob, Angela, Beau, Hannah, Dave S., John S., Wendy, Carl, and Brady.