Passage 28 – Happy Jack

November 5, 2017

An intimate crew of four worked to complete the 1.6 mile reroute started by the Volunteer Vacation team in October. Approximately ¼ mile of trail needed to be cleared in order to abandon the old trail which primarily followed an eroded forest road. Using a power trimmer, picks, hoes and sheer stubbornness the team scratched the trail out of the forest floor. Using material taken from the new trail construction, the old single track was disguised with vertical mulching and duff. Several of the original fiberglass trail markers were removed and reinstalled to mark the new route. The new trail winds its way along the base of a low hill, through boulders and shallow drainages, with a unique character and charm that was completely absent on the old road walk. Thanks to Tim Colby and Earl Ferguson for their nearly heroic efforts to open this beautiful piece of Arizona Trail.