Passage 28 – Happy Jack

Work resumed today on the Happy Jack Single Track project with installation of a kiosk at Gooseberry Spring TH, and relocation of the steel AZT Sign from Pine Spring TH to a new TH at Bargaman Park.  An ATA Volunteer Vacation completed 1.7 miles of new trail last season, and things are starting to roll for this season.

The HJST project includes improved trail signage, part of which are trail etiquette kiosk panels at Gooseberry Spring TH and Hay Meadow TH. Hay Meadow was closed by the Tinder Fire, so the crew focused on Gooseberry and Bargaman Park.  Two installations proved quite enough for a good long day; the Hay Meadow kiosk will go in next week.

A fast-moving cold front left a dusting of snow at Gooseberry, but it was gone by the time the installation was complete.  The snow eliminated concerns over fire conditions this very dry season.

The steel sign at Bargaman Park was an unexpected challenge. Concrete was cheap when the sign was installed; both legs were embedded in one solid block.  It didn’t go quickly but eventually it loosened; the crew loaded it in the truck and restored the site, then hauled it and the tools the half-mile to Bargaman Park, where the sign was planted in wet clay soils with “only” ~400 pounds of concrete under it.

Thanks to Roger, Joe, Richard and Donovan!


Getting started in the snow, May 3!


Let the concrete set up just a bit, then put the panel on.

    First one done!  Artwork to follow.


Trust me, this will go quickly.




But eventually, it comes out . . .


. . . and goes back in.


Thanks Guys! 


Standing tall!