Passage 28 – Happy Jack

June 7, 2017

If you’d been traveling the AZT’s Ponderosa country on Passage 28 on June 7th, you might have been lucky enough to come upon a marvelous exhibition of girl power. Fifteen members of the Linda Vista Young Women’s group spent part of their day creating drains and repairing tread on the Happy Jack passage near Moqui Campground. It was touch-and-go when the crew leaders first handed out the picks, McLeods and shovels – these girls weren’t sure that this sounded like it was going to be much fun. But by mid-day, they were not only admitting that they were having a great time, they started eagerly finding new projects to keep their tools working. They even pulled out more than 15 unnecessary carsonite signs in that quarter-mile segment!

Special thanks to Jennifer Spinti with Linda Vista and Rose Harley from the Coconino National Forest for making this event possible. And thanks to the girls who participated: Marzaan, Sadie, Trisha, Maddy, Erin, Allysan, Emma. Nevaeh, Jasmera, Susannah, Lily, Beverly, Katie, Marti and Jennifer.