Passage 30 – Anderson Mesa

September 16-17, 2017

Melvin and Marlene Betani lead a group of 10 volunteers on a weekend of repair to the Lakeview Connector trail between the Lakeview Campground and the top of Anderson Mesa. Matt Roberts from ACE came by on Saturday to help find some solutions to erosion on the trail near the top where the grade is steepest and the original design was becoming a fall line. The group divided into 2 teams, one installing and repairing drains on the bottom portion of the route, the second creating new stone retention and drainage structures up top. It was a great education in dry stone work as well as a lot of fun with engaged and interesting trail people. The weekend was highlighted by a potluck dinner on Saturday night. Thanks to the Betanis for being fantastic hosts and to Matt Roberts for his technical support!