Arizona Trail Day Hiker’s Guide


Since over 80% of people who complete the Arizona Trail are not thru-hikers, this three-ring bound guidebook takes care of a lot of the guesswork and intense logistical research previously needed to “slack pack” the AZT.

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By popular demand, the Arizona Trail Day Hiker’s Guide was created for people who are interested in hiking the Arizona Trail in smaller pieces. If you follow the recommendations in this guide you can complete the entire 800 miles in 89 day hikes ranging from 3.8 miles to 13.8 miles in length, with an average distance of around 9 miles per hike.

The Arizona Trail Day Hiker’s Guide compiled in a 3 ring binder for easy single page removal, includes comprehensive access information, including:
– Written directions to trail access locations
– Road conditions
– GPS coordinates
– Alternatives for high- and low-mileage hikers
– Out-and-backs and shuttle options
– Descriptions of the passage

Compiled by AZT thru-hiker Jake Baechle, the Arizona Trail Day Hiker’s Guide is available as a free digital download for ATA members.