Reporting Trail Conditions

Did you know the Arizona Trail Association relies on you to understand current trail conditions? You’re the eyes, boots, wheels and hooves on the trail, and most of what we know about current trail conditions comes from trail users like you. That’s why we encourage you to communicate things like downed trees, blowouts from erosion, fallen signs, litter, bees, and whatever else you see while you’re out there.
To make it easier to address the issue and communication effectively with the trail steward and land manager, we’ve put together this handy Trail Conditions Form. Please capture an image and GPS coordinates (or the AZT mile # using the Guthook app) and then fill out the Form once you’re back home.
In addition to helping us care for the 800-mile path from Mexico to Utah, you also ensure the next trail user’s experience will be safer and more rewarding.
We consider this vital volunteer activity “monitoring and reporting” so every hour you spend traveling to the trailhead, enjoying the AZT, and reporting on conditions counts as volunteer time. Every hour you give equals $27.70 as an in-kind contribution!!! So please remember to report your volunteer hours through our Volunteer website: