Rim Runners offers shoes, accessories, advice for distance runners

Payson Roundup (April 9, 2019) by Keith Morris

Margaret de Hesse knows a thing or two about distance running. We’re not talking marathons either. No, longer than that.

“I’m an ultrarunner,” said de Hesse. “These are typically all trail races in the U.S. and internationally of at least 50 miles. There are many 50-kilometer (31.24 miles) and 100-K (62.5 miles) races. And 100-mile and now 200-mile races are starting to gain popularity in the U.S.”

de Hesse, 63, a native of Australia, and her husband, Ted, moved to Phoenix about 30 years ago and visited Payson most weekends for about seven years before deciding to become year-round residents of Payson about a year ago.

She recently opened Rim Runners at 807 S. Beeline Highway. The store sells running shoes and accessories.

“It’s basically running, hiking, walking shoes and accessories like hydration packs, insoles, socks, sunglasses, Arizona Trail information and maps,” she said.

“We’ve been working closely with the Arizona Trail Association (ATA). The idea is to support the through-hikers that come through Payson and the Tonto Basin area. We can go out and help them on the trail. The ATA keeps track of them when they go through and we’re just promoting the association and the trail.”

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