Rocking and rolling on the southern slopes of the peaks

Arizona Daily Sun, July 5, 2019, Sam McManis

If there is a single jagged rock jutting up on a dusty path, my feet will somehow find it. If there’s an exposed root, a lone gnarled bit of bark running across a trail, I will trip over it. And if there’s a steep and twisting downhill, no matter how well-groomed the trail might be, there’s a decent chance I will face-plant at some juncture.

Call me a trail-running klutz, despite decades of experience on what experts like to call “technical” trails, ones replete with rock gardens and steep descents and other hazards that might draw blood and leave scars.

So you might think that, being a sensible person, I would stay with the safer, more sedate routes that Flagstaff offers. Stay on the FUTS, for instance.

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