Scenic Trails That Showcase the Best of America

USA Today

by Mark Lebetkin

A seemingly endless series of storms turned much of the U.S. into a nation of shut-ins this past winter, so it comes as more than just a breath of fresh air that the mercury is beginning to rise above freezing: it’s an invitation to dig those hiking boots out of the closet and hit the trails.

Arizona Trail

There’s more to Arizona than desert. This 800-mile trail, designated as a national scenic trail in 2009, spans the state of Arizona from its southern border with Mexico north to Utah, crossing a surprising variety of ecosystems along the way: from the sagebrush and mesquite of the Sonoran Desert to the alpine tundra of the San Francisco Peaks, which rise past 12,000 feet, this recently completed primitive hiking path is a microcosm of the West.

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