Steward Conference – Mormon Lake

July 22-23, 2017

Twenty three AZT Segment Stewards attended the training and celebration at the Arizona Nordic Village outside of Flagstaff. Thanks to the Babbitt Ranches for hosting the event! Jim McFadden discussed strategies for promoting the Arizona Trail including recruiting business partners with his events in Flagstaff. We also covered the ATA Sign and Gate Inventory and how stewards can help us maintain the database. Shawn Redfield also presented on signs and gates from a technical perspective. Evening presentations from two dark-skies experts (Lance Diskan and Ernie Webb) helped participants understand the critical importance of monitoring outdoor light use and spoke about celestial bodies. At lunch, the group did a trial-run on the sawyering demonstration activity planned for AZ Trail Day in September (now THAT was fun). Day two was a trail work day lead by Matt Roberts from ACE, and though interrupted by thunderstorm activity, it was highly informative.