This Might Be The Hardest (And Best) Hike In Arizona

By JESSICA TUCKER ~ the ~ April 9, 2024

For those looking for a challenging hike with more natural beauty than almost any other place in Arizona, the Gila River Canyon Trail fits the bill.

Arizona one of the top states with the best hiking for those looking to hit the trails. The Arizona National Scenic Trail is 800 miles long, stretching across the state, allowing hikers to see the full beauty of Arizona. While there are some who choose to tackle the entire trail over the course of several weeks, segments of the trail can be done instead that range from easy backpacking trails for beginners to strenuous hikes when it comes to difficulty levels.

One section of the Arizona National Scenic Trail is known for being one of the hardest and best hikes in Arizona. This is because, instead of being dry and desert-like on the trail, it is instead sprinkled with multiple types of flora and fauna. There is even a flowing river to guide the way on the trail, making for a beautiful landscape for hikers to enjoy while ascending and descending hundreds of feet in the warm, or even hot, Arizona sun.

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