This mom is going to hike across Arizona with her son on her back. Here’s why

Arizona Republic (September 14, 2019) by Molly Duerig

Their trail names are “Iron” and “Sour Patch.” And they’re ready to break some records.

Michelle “Iron” Bernstein-Schultz, 34, and her son, Blaine “Sour Patch” Schultz, 7, are preparing for what Bernstein-Schultz describes as “probably the biggest challenge” of her life.

They’ll embark on March 16 to hike the entire length of the state on the 800-mile Arizona Trail — a journey that will take approximately nine weeks. And they’ll do it all with Blaine on Bernstein-Schultz’s back.

Upon completing the trail, Bernstein-Schultz says Blaine will be the youngest person, and the first person with a life-threatening illness, to have completed the full Arizona Trail. Michelle will also be the first person to carry a person along the length of the trail.

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