Bikepacking.com (April 1, 2021) by Logan Watts

Yesterday evening at 9:22 local time, 35 year-old Timon Fish from Albuquerque, NM crossed the Picket Post Trailhead to finish the ~280-mile AZT 300 course. Timon started at 6:30 AM on Monday giving him a finish time of 38h 52m (1d 14h 52m) and besting the former record held by Kurt Refsnider by over six hours.

When asked if he’d ridden the course before, and how he was feeling, Timon remarked, “Yeah, I rode a couple of the mellow sections years and years ago. It definitely exceeded my expectations in HAB and amount of continuous focus it took. The constant cornering and accelerating/decelerating with loose rock made it super fatiguing. You don’t ever get a mental break aside from the two paved sections. I’m pretty sore all over, but in a good way.”

Timon added, “I made extra certain I didn’t accidentally lose consciousness 25 miles from the end this time. Thanks to Kurt Refsnider for all the pointers on putting together a fast run on this course and being a great ambassador to the sport, and thanks to my girlfriend Rebecca for driving all over the place and always being ready to come rescue me.” Congrats Timon… amazing ride!!

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