Trading in Workin’ Boots for Walkin’ Shoes, AZT 2022

The Trek (January 20, 2022) by Sam Getchell

Back to the Trail

Some time has passed since my presence in this community. When I last wore the title as “thru hiker” I lay in a bunk bed in Mammoth California, June 2017. That was to be the last day of my PCT thru hike, lack of funds pulled me off trail; and a day doesn’t go by where I don’t miss it. Link to my PCT section hike video.

While I may have not been in the herd heading north, or south these last 4 years, I have continued a presence on the trail,  dedicating my time to maintaining our public trails systems.

But, I’m trading in my workin’ boots for a pair of walking shoes. This coming spring, 2022 I am going to attempt a thru hike off the Arizona Trail.

Obsession to Become Reality

What prompted this need to walk?  Well, I awoke from a deep sleep dream of  thru hiking! A not too infrequent occurrence in any hiker trash’s life. Once awaking, I had the irresistible urge to hit the trail. Like many people, limited time and money made me ponder the possibilities. Limited time lead me to the Arizona Trail. From my time as a thru hiker, and years as a trail worker I have heard amazing things of the AZT, and what really attracted me to it besides its grand beauty, was it’s length.

800 miles end to end, a small task compared to the famous three, AT, PCT and CDT, but still beefy enough to truly become immersed in trail culture and community.  Still plenty of miles to wear through some socks, burn the tip of your nose, awake in the cool mornings and stand among giants in the evenings. This trail has me hooked again…


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