Trail Design and Construction

On March 27, 2018, 60 students from Flagstaff High School’s Pre-AP Biology class headed out to the Deer Hill Trail from Little Elden Horse Camp to learn about trail design, hydrology, and perform some trail construction on a reroute in the area.


With such a large group it is imperative to divide up the students. 30 students headed out to scratch in new trail tread with support form volunteers and the USFS Flagstaff Ranger District, while the other 30 stayed behind to learn about some of the considerations that go into designing, planning and approving a trail. Students looked at basic hydrology, considered potential ecological and archeological impacts of trails, and were able to demonstrate understanding of drainage. Participants had the opportunity to design, make a model of, and pitch their trail idea to a group of their peers and teachers.


While doing trail work students learned to rough in tread, smooth trial that was put in by machine, install drainage and naturalize areas that needed to be returned to the earth. It was a wonderful day with much learning a lots of new trail built!