Traversing the Walnut Canyon trail in Wilson’s footsteps

Arizona Daily Sun (July 7, 2019) by Sam McManis


Scoffing locals who eye-roll with impunity at flatlanders invading Flagstaff and (gasp, gasp) trying to acclimate on the trails probably will have a good laugh at me — a newcomer who lived in Central Washington, 1,200 feet elevation, for three years and, before that, spent a decade in the Sacramento Valley at 21 feet, if that.

Yet, as an avid trail runner in town here for all of five days, I had to start somewhere, so the Walnut Canyon via Sandys Canyon jaunt, an 8.2-mile out-and-back, seemed safe and somewhat fitting.

Safe, because the course is relatively flat, though at times rocky and technical, and barely reaches even the 7,000-foot mark.

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