Website Changes Coming for ATA Members, Donors & Volunteers

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of transitioning to a new online platform specifically designed to meet the needs of our donors, members, and volunteers who are the backbone of the ATA – people like you! Here are some upcoming changes:

Single Sign-In – If you currently have both a member account and a volunteer account with the ATA, you’ll now be able to access that information in one place. More information about this one-stop-shop portal will arrive soon.

Option to pay monthly – We have added a recurring monthly option for membership, starting at $5/month. So instead of paying a single amount annually, you can pay just a little bit each month.

Pay what you can – We have dissolved historic membership levels, and membership now starts at $35/year or $5/month. We invite you to give what you can when you can to help sustain the ATA. Individual donations and memberships represent a significant portion of our annual budget, and we can’t protect and maintain the AZT without you.

Larger perks are moving – Various membership benefits previously offered (bandanas, mugs, etc.) will now be offered as special premiums during donation drives throughout the year.

We are confident the integration of our various platforms will allow a better and more efficient experience for all, and it will be 1000% easier to report your volunteer hours through this new platform!