Women in their 50s stay healthy hiking the Arizona trails

The Mountain Mamas call themselves ‘four menopausal women with grown kids,’ and they all have one thing in common. FOX 10’s Anita Roman reports. Go here to watch the video.

The Arizona Trail (AZT) is a scenic but rugged path stretching border to border from Mexico to Utah. Extreme heat, freezing temperatures, strenuous elevation changes and poisonous critters are just a few of the challenges encountered.

These four relentless, 50-something Valley moms will join the recorded 900+hikers since the trail’s inception in 1994 (source AZTrail.org) as they complete the last 2 miles to the Arizona/ Mexico border on May 1st. Over the past 18 months, the women – who call themselves the Mountain Mamas – have day hiked or backpacked the other 42 passages. Trekking this last passage, ironically marked #1, has been an additional challenge: It has been closed until recently due to the Mexico border wall conflict. There were other challenges for the Mountain Mamas: coordinating work schedules, leaving husbands to fend for themselves, getting rides to and from Trailheads, and the ever-present Covid-19 pandemic.

Amazingly, once “Captain”, “Turtle”, “Trail Dancer” and “Wonder Girl” (names the women acquired along their journey) decided to conquer the trail, they never looked back. Doubt at times crept in. There was a death in the family, illnesses, injuries and car problems. Family, friends, and trail angels were there to cheer them on, but the comradery the women developed along the trail encouraged them to persevere.

When asked “what is the next challenge?” Turtle – named for her hiking speed – answered …”a pedicure”.