GRO girl GRO!

Gathering and Recreating Outdoors, girl(s) learn how to Give back, be Responsible, and take Ownership

Following in step with the Arizona Trail Gear Girls program located in Flagstaff, AZ, GRO girl GRO was created to address the need we saw in our Tucson community for female-only instruction, support, and encouragement within the outdoor community.

We will work diligently to ensure that young women are seen as capable athletes and outdoor leaders.

In co-ed groups of youth, girls tend to “shrink” and abdicate to the boys or they simply don’t show up at all. In collaboration with numerous community partners, GRO girl GRO knew we could do better.

So here we are, DOING better. 

Image of the backs of two girls and one adult woman leaned up against each other

Mission and Vision of GRO girl GRO

The mission of GRO girl GRO is to create space for girls in 4th – 8th grade to give back to the community, demonstrate responsibility, and take ownership by gathering and recreating outdoors. This will be accomplished through a variety of activities including: mountain biking; hiking and/or trail running; trail advocacy and stewardship; and active reflection. GRO girl GRO will increase the number of girls in 4th – 8th grades in Tucson and surrounding areas who wish to become athletes and outdoor leaders.


Two core values drive the work of GRO girl GRO–Inclusion and Diversity and the concept ofMaking, Creating, and Taking Space. Within GRO girl GRO, all girls are welcomed and valued in outdoor (and all) spaces. We recognize society dictates the place and space in which girls “should” express themselves and will support girls to explore and amplify their voices.

Programming will begin March 2023! Stay tuned for updates.

For more information about GRO girl GRO, please contact Jody Bartz: