Passage 22 – Saddle Mountain

December 5, 2017
Building on Roger and Joe’s work on Passage 23, a crew installed a sign noting Thicket Spring today. These signs ensure trail users can find important water sources along the AZT, something not always easy with the heavy underbrush in some locations. Thicket Spring, which is proving to be rather reliable, is located fifty yards off the trail in dense brush. The crew remedied that today.

Roger and Gary dug the post hole, Richard and Doug brushed the path to the spring, and Shawn found and cut the native post. The crew bolted the sign board to the post, tamped it home, took the obligatory photo, had lunch and started the climb back to Mt Peeley TH. “Barbara,” a through-hiker from British Columbia, was heading south as the crew climbed out, and welcomed the news of water at Thicket Spring.

Another great day on the AZT.