Passage 4 & 5 – Temporal Gulch & Santa Rita Mountains

September 9, 2017

The REI “Force of Nature” event brought 23 female volunteers out to help address issues with drainage and erosion issues immediately north and south of the Apache Spring Trailhead. The crew built 9 wide drains and debermed the trail, repaired 3 switchback turns including adding drainage above, below, and on the inslope to protect the turns. They added rock armoring to create steps with ramps and check dams to retain soil and reduce erosion in the trail tread. Volunteers re-built approximately 20 feet of trail tread leading into the gate at the spring including a large rock crib-wall backfilled with gravel to raise the tread above a muddy clay seep, rebuilt a few rock steps, and removed a large dead tree stump in the middle of the new tread area. Volunteers also built a medium sized diversion drain and small berm at the top of the canyon to divert run-off from Gardner Canyon road and away from the trail.

Participants: Tasha Pontifex, Kim Barney, Lee Blackwell, Lee Allen (Crew Leaders), Zach MacDonald (Assistant Trail Director), 23 REI Volunteers (all women, mostly first time doing trail work).