Arizona Trail Steward Information

Arizona Trail Segment Stewards are the "front line" volunteers who ensure a positive experience for trail users. Duties include:
  • Hiking or riding the trail as often as necessary to assess conditions
  • Routine maintenance (brush removal, tread repair, erosion control, etc.)
  • Communication of trail conditions to the ATA and land managers
  • Responding to queries from trail users

Potential Segment Stewards have participated in several work events and are familiar with the segment they wish to adopt. They will maintain their sections in a variety of ways - as an ongoing family activity, outings for a group of active friends and associates, or publicly advertised work events.

The Arizona Trail Association provides supervision, training and tools to help stewards. Segment Stewards work closely with land management agency staff and the Regional Chief Stewards who are listed below. The Handbook for Arizona Trail Segment Stewards and Forms for Stewards are available here.

For more information on steward training opportunities, visit the Steward Conference pages here, or the Trail Volunteer Training sessions here.

Arizona Trail Regional Stewards

  • Borderlands (Passages 1-6)
    Lee Blackwell -
  • Rincon Mountain Range (Passages 7-9b)
    Mark Flint -
  • Sonoran Desert (Passages 9c-15)
    Kim Barney -
  • Superstition Mountains (Passages 16-19)
    Craig Gregory -
  • Mazatzal Mountains (Passages 20-26)
    John Matteson -
  • Lower Colorado Plateau (Passages 27-38)
    Daniel Snyder -
  • Upper Colorado Plateau (Passages 39-43)
Openings for Segment Stewards are indicated on the List of Stewards. Contact the Regional Stewards for more information.