Passage #18 - Reavis Canyon

Equestrian on Reavis Canyon Trail Location:  Picketpost Trailhead to Rogers Trough Trailhead

Length:  18.6 miles

Southern Trailhead:  Picketpost Trailhead - FR 231
- GPS Coordinates:  33.27184° N, 111.17643° W

Northern Trailhead:  Rogers Trough Trailhead - FR 172A
- GPS Coordinates:  33.42223° N, 111.17325° W

Trail Route Description:  From the Picketpost Trailhead the trail proceeds to and then under Highway 60. It climbs and descends to Queen Creek, crosses it and follows a fenceline. It continues on to FR 357 and then crosses a railroad line. It crosses a dirt road, passes under high-tension power lines and then climbs up to a ridgeline and follows it. After passing just east of Barnett Camp the trail enters Whitford Canyon and then crosses FR 650. The trail parallels FR 650 and finally crosses it again and reaches Reavis Canyon Trailhead. It follows this trail (#509) along a streambed and then up towards Montana Mountain. The trail passes south of the peak and then again connects with FR 650. It continues west on FR 650 to FR 172A and then north to the Rogers Trough Trailhead.

Difficulty:  Moderate

Season(s):  Fall, Winter and Spring (current weather forecast)

Water:  Water can be found seasonally in many of the drainages.

Looking south from Montana Mountain Notes/Warnings:

  • All water along this passage should be purified prior to use.
  • Elisha Reavis used part of this route in the 1890's to haul fruits and vegetables from his ranch to Superior.
  • Whitford Canyon is a notorious flood path so be aware of the weather and don't enter this area when rain is imminent.


  • USGS Topographic Maps: Picketpost Mountain and Iron Mountain.
  • Tonto National Forest - Superstition Wilderness Map.
  • Tonto National Forest map.
  • BLM Information Center maps.
  • "Hikers Guide to the Superstition Wilderness" by Jack Carlson and Elizabeth Stewart, Clearcreek Publishing, Tempe, Arizona.

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