• Red Hills Trail junction to the East Verde River


  • 10.9 miles

Southern Access Point: Red Hills Trail Junction

  • GPS Coordinates: 34.18046° N, 111.50359° W
  • NOTE: There is no vehicle access to this wilderness trailhead. See adjoining passages for additional information.


From Payson on AZ 87 drive west on Main Street. Stay on the main road past a golf course, where the pavement ends and the road becomes FR 406. About 10 miles from AZ 87, park at City Creek Trailhead on the east side of the road. Hike southwest up the Mazatzal Divide Trail #23 for approximately 5.75 miles to the junction of the Mazatzal Divide trail and the Red Hills Trail.

Northern Access Point: The East Verde River

  • GPS Coordinates: 34.22915° N, 111.51299° W
  • NOTE: This trailhead is not directly accessible by vehicles. The nearest vehicle access point (34.21468° N, 111.48250° W) is 4 miles east of the trail at the wilderness boundary.


East Verde River (LF Ranch), via Doll Baby Trailhead: From the town of Payson at the intersection of AZ 87 and Main Street; take Main Street west for 2 miles, which turns into Country Club Drive. Near the end of Country Club Drive, the road passes a sanitation plant, crosses a creek and continues on paved road for another 6 miles. This newly paved road is referred to as Doll Baby Ranch Rd. or LF Ranch Rd. depending on which map is being used. At this point it becomes a dirt doubletrack (FR 406). Continue on FR 406 for approximately 3 miles, passing City Creek Trailhead and Doll Baby Ranch, eventually arriving at the locked gate. This is the Doll Baby Trailhead; parking and camping are allowed. From the trailhead, walk around the gate and hike on the doubletrack for 3.9 miles. The road will wind around the hills and eventually level out in the valley near the ranch. The AZT will intersect the road from the west as a faint singletrack.

Trail Route Description

This passage begins at the junction of the Red Hills Trail and the Mazatzal Divide Trail (#23). From here the trail heads crosses the upper end of a City Creek side canyon, passes Knob Mountain, and drops down to the junction with the Brush Trail (#249). Following this trail it crosses a drainage, climbs up the other side and then curves around to the north and drops down to Houston Creek. After crossing several drainages the trail reaches a saddle on Bullfrog Ridge and then switchbacks down into Bullfrog Canyon. It climbs part way out, becomes an old two-track road and then begins descending along the side of the canyon. It turns to the right and becomes a trail again. The trail works its way past Copper Mountain and comes to a road. This is the entry to the LF Ranch. The trail loops around to the east of the ranch and then reaches the East Verde River.


  • Moderate


All year. Snow can be present at higher elevations after winter storms and lower elevations can be quite warm in summer


Water can probably found at Brush Spring.  Very reliable water at end of the passage us the East Verde River.  Check the online Arizona Trail Water Report for current information at https://aztrail.org/explore/water-sources/.


  • All water along this passage should be purified prior to use.
  • Mountain bikes are prohibited in the Mazatzal Wilderness.


  • Map of Passage 24
  • USGS Topographic Maps: North Peak and Cypress Butte.
  • Tonto National Forest map.
  • BLM Information Center maps.

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LF Ranch Closed to Visitors

LF Ranch is closed to visitors. Please respect the private property owner by staying on the AZT to the east of the ranch.
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