• Kaibab National Forest boundary to Telephone Hill


  • 20.7 miles

Southern Access Point: Kaibab National Forest boundary


From Jacob Lake, drive south on AZ 67 for 26 miles and turn left (east) onto FR 611 (4.5 miles north of the Grand Canyon National Park entrance station and 1 mile south of Kaibab Lodge). Drive 1.1 miles and turn right (east) onto FR 610. Wind south and then east 5.1 miles to a pullout on the north side of the road, near a brown AZT post.

Northern Access Point: Telephone Hill


About 13.5 miles south of Jacob Lake on AZ 67, look for a sign pointing to FR 429 on the west side. Do not turn right onto FR 429, but instead turn left (east) onto FR 241. In 0.1 miles, the AZT crosses the road, but there is no parking here. Continue another 0.1 miles to a little campsite on the left, where you may be able to park.

Trail Route Description

This passage begins at the Kaibab National Forest boundary. At the 0.3 mile mark it intersects with FR 610 and begins following Trail #101. The trail heads north past Sourdough Well following Upper North Canyon, and then out of the canyon and along a ridge. At Crystal Spring it climbs a drainage and traverses the rim to East Rim View. From here the trail crosses FR 610 at Dog Canyon, then descends the east ridge of Tater Canyon. Climbing west the trail crosses FR 131, FR 221, FR 213, and then follows an aspen-covered ridge. Crossing the DeMotte Burn area, the trail descends steeply, crossing a valley and then descending to the north overlooking Pleasant Valley. The trail then passes Little Pleasant Valley, Little Round Valley and Crane Lake. It parallels Highway 67 and then ascends Telephone Hill where it ends at the intersection of FR 241.


  • Easy to Moderate



Water sources are scarce and unreliable on the Kaibab Plateau. Check with the Forest Service for current conditions.


  • All water along this passage should be purified prior to use.
  • The Arizona Trail is marked with brown fiberglass posts with a Kaibab Plateau Trail decal near the top.


  • USGS Topographic Maps: Little Park Lake, Dog Point and Telephone Hill.
  • Kaibab National Forest map.
  • BLM Information Center maps.

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Handmade AZT Mugs

Handmade AZT Mugs

We are delighted to offer the third in a series of commemorative mugs celebrating the natural beauty of the Arizona National Scenic Trail! This handmade mug features a scene from the Kaibab Plateau Passage of the AZT near the North Rim of Grand Canyon, including lush meadows, dense fir forests, and an American bison. This was the first segment of Arizona Trail officially designated, and remains one of the highlights along the 800-mile trail (it feels more like Canada than Arizona). These mugs are a membership benefit to anyone joining or renewing your membership at the Ironwood level ($100/year) and above. Support the ATA and enjoy your favorite beverage while dreaming of adventures in northern Arizona this summer.
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Passage 40 – Kaibab Plateau South; Passage 41 – Kaibab Plateau Central

The North Kaibab Ranger District (NKRD)—the “north rim” in common terms—is a fabulous, distant pristine forest offering cool summer temperatures, billowing white clouds in incredible blue skies, and green forests, when much of Arizona is wilting in the summer heat. The ATA has traditionally held at least one summer event to take advantage of these conditions, attracting stalwart volunteers willing to drive the distance for fun times in the cool pine trees.  This year’s objective was to help the NKRD rebuild the decaying log fences at Orderville and East Rim View trailheads. The “usual suspects” plus a few more volunteers gathered at Orderville August 23 to get started.  After the early arrivals had set up camp, they gathered and hauled several loads of native rock to the site, to serve as foundations for the fence. The fences are assembled out of the rock foundations, twelve-foot long pine logs up to nearly a foot in diameter, and two twelve-inch spikes for each log.  Specifications called for 5-7 inch logs but the logger delivered many much larger ones.  Other than that it took five people to lift the big ones, this was just fine, they make good tall fences. The first task Friday morning was to demolish...
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