• Mayflower Spring to Marshall Lake Trailhead


  • 17.8 miles

Southern Access Point: Mayflower Spring


From Flagstaff, take the Lake Mary Road exit (339) off I-17 for ~20 miles, then turn right (west) on Mormon Lake Road (Highway 90). Follow this about 3 miles to an unmarked turnoff on the right. This two-track dirt road leads to Mayflower Spring (~0.4 miles).

Northern Trailhead: Marshall Lake Trailhead


From Flagstaff, take the Lake Mary Road exit (339) off I-17 for 9 miles, then turn left (east) on FR 128 at the sign for Marshall Lake. Pass the observatory turnoff, then at 2.2 miles turn left before Marshall Lake (more of a marsh) and park at the AZT sign on the left. If you are coming from the south on Lake Mary Road, the Marshall Lake turnoff is 7.5 miles north of Pine Grove Campground.

Trail Route Description

From Mayflower Spring the trail heads north and then turns to the east and joins up again with the old railroad bed. It crosses FR 132 and then just south of Railroad Tank the trail turns to the east and works its way over to FR 651, which is the entry to Pinegrove Campground. It crosses Highway 3 and climbs up past the Horse Lake Trailhead. It turns to the north and crosses Anderson Mesa, and then passes Horse Lake. It follows a two-track, turns to the west, and becomes a trail again. After crossing FR 129 the trail passes Vail Lake and Prime Lake, and then skirts around the Lowell Observatory. It passes by a trailhead near the observatory, then heads north and then west to Marshall Lake.


  • Moderate



Water can usually be found at some of the stock tanks along the route. There is seasonal water in some of the drainages the trail crosses.  Check the online Arizona Trail Water Report for current information at https://aztrail.org/explore/water-sources/.


  • All water along this passage should be purified prior to use.


  • USGS Topographic Maps: Ashurst Lake and Lower Lake Mary.
  • Coconino National Forest – Visitors Guide.
  • Coconino National Forest – Recreational Opportunity Guide.
  • Coconino National Forest map.
  • BLM Information Center maps.

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Current Passage Info

Trail Skills Institute Module 3 – April 2018

This year's TSI Module on Stone Maintenance Structures was held near Flagstaff on the Lakeview Connector Trail on Passage 30, Anderson Mesa. This connector trail was built by the ATA to allow users to access the Lakeview Campground, and to allow campground users better access to the trail, which is just at the top of the mesa beyond a short but rugged cliff band. This short connector is an important access point, and it offers excellent opportunities to study when and how to use stone structures in trail construction and maintenance. ACE instructors Mark Loseth and Matt Roberts taught the basics of stone work to ten participants from all over Arizona. To preserve the steepest portion of the trail that breaks through the basalt cliff, the group studied how to create backed bars, armored drains and sustainable steps from the ample material available onsite. Dry stone masonry is an art form, and Matt and Mark were excellent at providing an introduction to the craft. Over 2 days, the team divided into groups and each tried to perfect their own construction and learn from each of the varied projects. We were even treated to a visit from a through hiker who...
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