• Gardner Canyon Road to Oak Tree Canyon


  • 13.8 miles

Southern Access Point: Gardner Canyon Road


From Sonoita, follow AZ 83 north 4 miles and turn left (west) onto Gardner Canyon Road (FR 92). Avoid side roads. You’ll reach the Gardner Trailhead (not to be confused with Gardner Canyon Trail, which is farther west) 5.5 miles from the highway on the right side of the road. There is a large parking area here.

Northern Access Point: Oak Tree Canyon

  • GPS Coordinates: 31.81072° N, 110.72330° W
  • NOTE: This trailhead is not directly accessible by vehicles. The trailhead is approximately 0.7 miles west of the access point (31.80926° N, 110.71026° W) along a two-track road.


Plans for developing an official trailhead at this location are underway.

From the intersection of I-10 and AZ 83, drive south on AZ 83 to 0.8 miles past milepost 44. Pull off to the right (west) where you will encounter a locked metal gate. Park in this area, walk south along the fence to an unlocked gate near the SR 83
undercrossing and take the trail west.

Trail Route Description

This passage begins on Gardner Canyon Road, just west of Gardner Canyon Trailhead. The route passes the trailhead, heads over to Cave Creek, descends into Fish Canyon and then heads northwest to Kentucky Camp. See the Friends of Kentucky Camp website below for the rich history of this intriguing site along the AZT. It goes through the camp area, follows the Kentucky Camp Road and then works its way up Sucker Gulch. It goes past Granite Mountain, through Ophir Gulch and then turns on to FR 165. It descends to Enzenberg Canyon, climbs up to a road, crosses California Gulch and then crosses FR 62. After a couple of small ridges the trail reaches the upper end of Oak Tree Canyon. It follows this canyon down to a point about 3/4 mile from Highway 83.


  • Moderate



Water is usually available at Kentucky Camp and Bowman Spring. Water may sometimes be found in stock ponds along the route.  Check the online Arizona Trail Water Report for current information at https://aztrail.org/explore/water-sources/.


All water along this passage should be purified prior to use.
Kentucky Camp is a collection of old buildings that were used for mining operations. A tour through this area is an interesting side trip on this passage.


  • Map of Passage 5
  • USGS Topographic Maps: Mount Wrightson, Sonoita, Helvetia and Empire Ranch.
  • Coronado National Forest map.
  • BLM Information Center maps.

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Two people bitten by animals in separate incidents in Southern Arizona

Arizona Daily Star (March 6, 2020) by Gloria Knott Two people were bitten by animals in separate incidents in Southern Arizona yesterday, wildlife officials say.  A fox bit a person on the ankle in Sabino Canyon on Thursday, according to Arizona Game and Fish Department spokesman Mark Hart. In another incident, a skunk bit a man in the face while he was asleep at a campground near the Arizona Trail in the Santa Rita Mountains. Both incidents happened within an hour of each other, Hart said. In both incidents, the bite victims killed the animals after feeling that the animals' behaviors were abnormal. The animals are being tested for rabies. Both bite victims are getting treated for possible rabies.  Anyone needing Game and Fish assistance should call 623-236-7201. 
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