Passage #28 - Blue Ridge

Near General Springs cabin Location:  Mogollon Rim to Highway 87

Length:  16.1 miles

Southern Trailhead:  General Springs Cabin - FR 300
- GPS Coordinates:  34.45396° N, 111.25078° W

Northern Trailhead:  Highway 87 - FR 138
- GPS Coordinates:  34.60751° N, 111.20061° W

Trail Route Description:  From General Springs Cabin the trail follows General Springs Canyon until it reaches a trail junction. It then climbs out of the canyon on the west side and follows a two-track road and then more trail. The trail crosses FR 123 and heads north until it reaches FR 123A. It stays on this forest road up to East Clear Creek. After steeply descending and then steeply ascending the creek (upstream of Blue Ridge Reservoir) the trail works its way up to FR 751. After crossing the road it proceeds east and then north up to the drop into Blue Ridge Campground. From here the trail continues north and finally reaches Highway 87 at the junction with FR 138.

Difficulty:  Moderate

Season(s):  Spring, Summer and Fall (current weather forecast)

Water:  Water may be found at Blue Ridge Reservoir, Blue Ridge Campground and in stock tanks in the vicinity of the trail. There is also seasonal water in some of the drainages the trail crosses.

A waterfall near the trail Notes/Warnings:

  • All water along this passage should be purified prior to use.
  • When Blue Ridge Reservoir is full, by turning right in the East Clear Creek drainage area, the water can be reached within 1/4 mile. When the reservoir is low, water may be several miles away.
  • An interesting side trail leads off of FR 123E to a monument that was erected at a battle location. It lists the names of the Indian warriors and U.S. Cavalry members who fought in the Battle of Big Dry Wash.


  • USGS Topographic Maps: Kehl Ridge, Dane Canyon and Blue Ridge Reservoir.
  • Coconino National Forest - Visitors Guide.
  • Coconino National Forest - Recreational Opportunity Guide.
  • Coconino National Forest map.
  • BLM Information Center maps.

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